Episode #1

 The first episode is finally done after years (days) of working on it. Here's things you need to know before going into it: 1. The sound quality isn't that great. I realize that. The next one should be a bit better. 2. I talk way too much. 3. I forgot to include email addresses. Since everyone reading this are friends, you all know how to get ahold of me. But I will include our email's in the next one. 4. We are two awesome dudes. With that said here's what Episode 1 has in store for you: In the debut episode, hosts Jason Soto (Invasion of the B Movies) and Nolahn (Bargin Bin Reviews) talk a bit about themselves and their respective sites. Then a quick rundown of the AV Club's Top 15 Best Worst Movies of the Decade. And finally, the main event, Jason and Nolahn discuss their personal Top 5 Worst Movies of the "Oh's".


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