Episode #4: Admitted To The Asylum

Jason and Nolahn manage to get a special guest to join them in The Lair. It's none other than Jose Prendes! Jose is from StrictlySplater.com and also a former employee of the movie company The Asylum, who is the topic of discussion this month. Jose lets us in on the inner workings of The Asylum and his time as a crew member on great Asylum films like "The Day The Earth Stopped" and "The Terminators". Afterwards, Jason and Nolahn discuss The Asylum's "Sherlock Holmes" which has Holmes and Watson fighting off dinosaurs and dragons. After hearing how things are done at The Asylum, neither of them are shocked about this anymore. PLEASE feel free to email Jason and Nolahn at thelairunwanted at gmail dot com and tell them what YOU think! Do it...TODAY!


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