Episode #9: Great Apes

Jason and Nolahn take on two movies featuring apes or monkeys of some sort. First they talk about "Bela Lugosi Meets A Brooklyn Gorilla", then they move on to the Korean rip-off of King Kong simply titled "Ape". They also discuss their Top 5 Favorite Apes/Monkeys in Pop Culture, whether it be film, TV, cartoons, video games, print, etc. Also they share some FaceBook FeedBack and talk about what they are doing individually. Jason is hosting an October Blog-A-Thon where he'll be watching zombie movies for the entire month. He also invites listeners and fans to send in a review of a bad zombie movie. Or at least a cult classic zombie movie. Nolahn, on the other hand, has been a busy bee. He spoke at a local movie premiere  is hosting a TV show on Public Television, and will be hosting a B-Movie event. Man, where does he find the time!


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