#50: Over The Hill With Two Heads

Here we are! Fifty episodes! Boy, what a long strange trip it’s been, huh? Because this is such a special occasion, Jason and Nolahn host a special episode where they come clean a record FOUR TIMES, present their top five films they’d love to review in future episodes, and finally talk about the blaxploitation flick The Thing With Two Heads! Below is our list of films from numbers 25 up to 6. If you want to know the top five you gotta listen to the episode, which you can do by clicking here or subscribing on iTunes. You can also listen to the Film Pasture episode Jason was on here AND The LAMBcast episode featuring Jason, Nick, and Nolahn here. Nolahn’s List: Cool as Ice Black Belt Jones Megaforce Jaws: The Revenge Lao Mao (“The Cat”) Hawk the Slayer The Amazing Colossal Man Flight of the Living Dead Wild Wild West Return of the Living Dead Midnight Meat Train Sex and the City 2 Almighty Thor Body Rock Anaconda Hudson Hawk The Love Guru Starcrash Swept Away White Chicks *** Jason’s List: Cobra The Killing of Satan Blood Freak Zombie Lake Maximum Overdrive The Dunwich Horror Moutaintop Motel Massacre Visiting Hours Monster Dog Open House Empire of the Ants Tentacles Seed Postal Carnosaur Snakes on a Train Killer Weekend The Octagon Sugar Hill Earthquake


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