#179: It's All Come Down To This

Well, folks, it's time for Jason and Nolahn to hang up their podcastin' boots and ride off into the sunset...actually, wouldn't they need the boots if they're riding something? So maybe they'll ride off into the sunset and then take their boots off...

Where was I? Oh, yeah. This is the final episode of The Lair of The Unwanted. To help see it off, they are joined by longtime pals and former guests Chris R., Lackey, Bubbawheat, The Vern, Steve Honeywell, and Todd Liebenow as they all take a look at the Bottom 100 movies on IMdB and discuss their placement on said list.

Also, this show is about 3 and a half hours long so thanks for spending some time with us. Music podcasts - Upload Audio -


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